Busy but cool day!

24 January 2004

We’ve had quite a busy day today - we had Escuelita this morning and then this evening at 6 we had the first meeting of the new Youth Group! (plus in-between Sylvia came round to plan the youth group with us). For the Escuelita, we looked at Creation, and we’d prepared a 2 sheets in advance - one for the older ones with blank spaces for them to draw something for each of the days of creation and one for the younger ones with pre drawn pictures to colour in. On the back of each sheet was a wordsearch, and a set of sentences with missing words for them to fill in. It went really well today compared to some of the ones we did last year. First Laura read through the story of creation from the Childrens bible and we looked at it in a bit more depth, then they worked on the sheets. For the Youth Group we looked at the topic of what it is to be a Christian - Laura did an introductory prayer and explanation of what the group was about, then we had a few games to get to know one another, then we had two groups each looking at one of the two passages (Acts2:42-50 and 1 John 2:29-3:3)Then they shared what they’d found with one another and we talked a bit about it, we sang some songs and then finished with a prayer.