Back to work

14 August 2004

Well I’ve now been back at work at IBM Hursley for a week and I’m currently working in the DBDC team which will involve dealing with DB2 and database connectors installation and fixing problems. It will probably be mainly working with DB2 on the mainframe (OS/390), although the team is going to start to be more involved in DB2 on distributed platforms as well. It’s been quite strange going back to a different team, having to get all the userids sorted out again and starting to learn how to do things for my new role but the team I’m working with are great and have been really helpful. It’s also been strange adapting back to British life - the supermarkets seem expensive and there are lots more choices! I’m sure after a few weeks I’ll have got used to life back here a bit more - although this week I’ve found it quite tiring commuting to work. Although with car-sharing I don’t have to do all the driving, but that means finishing at times that are convenient for both of us.