Back to Foz - wet paint, but still caught bus!

25 March 2004

Today we checked out of the hotel, and headed back down to Foz ready for me and Laura to get the bus back this evening from Puerto Iguazu. We took a few detours along the way to look at a bit of the scenery, and the edge of the forest before heading back to the [Carima Hotel] where my parents had booked their last night. Surprisingly when we got to the room, the brochure had had the price of the buffet changed to the 19 real that they had charged us the previous time - don’t know if this is because they knew we’d check or not though ;). We then chilled by the pool and had some drinks there before heading back. Unfortunately, the painter had just been round touching up the chairs, and my trousers got lots of white paint on them. We complained at reception, and they said they’d send someone down in the next half hour to clean them in the room (this was about 45 minutes before we needed to leave). After going back to reception once more to clear things up, eventually they sent someone who didn’t really understand us, and took the trousers off to the laundry. Then the phone rang to say that the Laundry was closed. We went back up to reception to try and get the trousers back, as I needed to where them to travel in. After lots of complications we were escorted down to the laundry to get them back, and we headed off to Puerto Iguazu in a taxi (25 real). We opted for the taxi as aparently the bus doesn’t always wait for you at customs and you have to wait for the next one.