"As an intellectual argument, evolutionary theory is in big trouble."

3 February 2004

It appears that ‘Darwinists’ are getting worried about evolution not being the only option taught in schools. They’re getting defensive and it appears that they’re realizing that they’ve not got any ground, well other than stubbornness that their view is right! According to Albert Mohler:“When a scientific alternative to evolution is presented, they deny that the theory can be scientific simply because it rejects evolution. Evolutionary theory is now at the core of their definition of science itself.” Even between themselves they can’t agree about any of the details - just that evolution is the only thing that can be right. Berman seems to worry not only about the theory of evolution being rejected but that looking at alternatives is “jeopardizing the nature of science itself, our education system, and even our form of government”. If we do follow down the evolution route, even though some of its proponents seem to be loosing their faith in it, then where does it leave us? As Mohler writes: “If human beings are not made in the image of God, and if the entire cosmos is nothing more than a freakish accident, morality is nothing but a mirage and human beings–cosmic accidents that we are–are free to negotiate whatever moral arrangement seems best to us at any given time.” More