Met the Ambassador, ate at soup kitchen

3 October 2003

We went to the British Embassy with Steve & Miguel, as they had a meeting with the ambassador, and so that we could register as being in the country. After we’d registered, we waited downstairs forthem to have finished their meeting Ô?? when they’d finished they camedownstairs with the Ambassador, whom Miguel introduced us to. After thiswe went down to the diocesan offices, where we waited for Paulo to take us to CASA Ô?? where we went to meet the team there at their weekly team meeting. After the meeting finished, he took us to the soup kitchen??, where they were currently serving pasta, which we had forour lunch. We then went back to the offices where we joined in with thecelebrations for Lillian’s birthday. Afterwards, Ana told us thedetails of the apartment that Gilberto had found for us in Salto. In theafternoon, we went with Liz to Espíritu Santo to help them with thecleaning ready for the dedication of the new chapel on Sunday. We alsodelivered some leaflets to the neighbouring blocks inviting them to theservice.