First day - very busy already!

27 September 2003

For the day after arriving, 8 o’clock was a very early start, but we had to get the bus with Daniel to Colon ready for the Escuelita?? (a bit like Sunday School) at 9 o’clock. When 9 o’clock came suddenly a hoard of kids turned up - 14 in all. They sang songs, did some drawing, and we gave them milk and biscuits Ô?? then they went off to play. After this Daniel took us through the “Feria”??, which was a bit like a big car boot sale Ô?? without the cars! There was allsorts of junk for sale, along with caged birds and pretty much anything you can think of. We had lunch together at a restaurant. In the afternoon, there was a confirmation class and a youth alpha group?? and we met the members of each group Ô?? which turned out to be mostly the same young people. Alpha was cancelled, so we played games instead Ô?? which was great fun! After this, there was a service “Misa”??, which was very difficult to understand, as the guy who was leading the service and preaching had a strong accent, seemed to run his words together and it was Spanish! We had communion at the service with no wine because the bishop was away, and there was no consecrated wine left.