Chile is getting last!

29 December 2003

Well we’ve now got our tickets for the bus to Buenos Aires with a company called flechabus, It took us 4 attempts, but finally we got them - the first time we didn’t have passports, the second they were closed and the third they don’t take credit cards (unusually as both companies to Montevideo take credit cards!) We’ve also got the details by e-mail of when and where etc…We leave on Friday 2nd at 23.00 to arrive in Buenos Aires the next morning at 7.00, where we spend the morning and get the bus to Santiago via Mendoza - or it may be 2 buses!! Then we arrive in Santiago sometime on Sunday. We stay the night in La Trinidad church and then early the next morning we take the bus to Complejo Turístico Rucahue near the town of Chillán. Then we’ll have lunch, and have the afternoon free before things start at 18.30. Then we’re in for a busy week, until Saturday 10th when we head back to Santiago leaving at 13.30. We arrive at Santiago at 19.00 then stay the night again at the church (I think) before heading back to Buenos Aires - where we should arrive on the 14that some point. We’re then going to have to spend a day in Buenos Aires before our bus to Salto leaves at 23.00 on the 15th.