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28 September 2003

Today we went to Church of the Holy Spirit (Espíritu Santo) in Carrasco Ô?? it was much easier to follow, with Steve being English. For some reason it just makes his Spanish easier to understand. The church meets in a room in what used to be a house, but is moving next week to a chapel next to it, which is beingbuilt where the garage was. The service was fairly lively and all of thecongregation speak English, but the service is in Spanish. For lunch, wehad a barbecue at Ana (The bishop’s secretary)‘s house with herfamily. They were really nice, and the food was all really tasty.In the afternoon, we went along to a youth group which was made up ofChristians from the British and American schools Ô?? We talked aboutfears, and how we as Christians should deal with fears. Then we wentoutside and had some food, and played with various balls and animals! I spent most of the time learning how to throw an American Football using a rugby ball. In the evening we went to see Bruce Almighty at the cinema, which was cool as it the cinema here is in English with Spanish subtitles.